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Ekkamai @ Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights

When Thai food is not done right, it would taste bland; When Thai food is done right, your taste would bend. But thankfully for Ekkamai @ Batai, they did Thai food justice! My first experience in Ekkamai was at the Publika branch and it wasn't a pleasant dining experience as I felt the food lacks the flavours and one of the soup had a bad smell to it (Tom Kha Salmon Belly, to be exact). At this point, I told myself to not walk into the one in Publika anymore, and give the one at Batai a chance. Stumbled upon the branch at Batai, and why not? Did not regret it, food was delightful, ambiance was just perfect for a group dining, or even a romantic couple dining experience. Only down-side is the parking at Batai (a 4 hours catching up with friends, could costs you about RM15 just for the parking). Enough said, food pics! Sharing Platter ✭✭✭✰✰  The sharing platter is a good combination of several starters. Do note that this would just be enough for 2-3 person. The pand
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Dessert Overhaul: Kakigori, MIRU, Haraju Cube, New Chapter by The Owls Cafe, Whimsical Gelateria Caffe

So yes, it has been past a year since the last post, which I highly doubt if anyone would still read this blog. A year past, and of course I was busy on the hunt for good food, and what better way to celebrate the return, than to write a post on desserts! Every girl's dream is to continue having desserts without getting fat, and we would always have a so called "second" stomach just for desserts. Review based on three types of desserts : Honey Toast , Kakigori and Waffles! I never knew what Honey Toast was all about, until I decided to try it out while the "hype" was still going on. Hojicha Honey Toast @ Haraju Cube, Empire Damansara True Story: When I first visited Haraju Cube, I ordered the Matcha Honey Toast and did not like it because I thought the toast was soggy as the ice cream were melting. But little did I know, I practically ate the Honey Toast wrongly as there was supposed to be a technique on how to eat it. My friend brought me to Haraju

Restaurant Seoul Korea @ Taman Danau Desa

As I remembered my very first Korean meal back when I was in Melbourne for 3 years.. the Korean cuisine in Melbourne never fails to satisfy me. The moment I came back to KL for good, I have been in scout of Korean cuisine that may be as good or at par as the Korean cuisine in Melbourne. It took me a great one year to discover such place. Been to the "Little Korea Town" in Ampang, but couldn't find one as fresh as Restaurant Seoul Korea @ Taman Danau Desa. Perhaps, I have to slowly try more restaurants in Ampang. But hey! Seoul Korea is good enough for me :) The only drawback about dining in Restaurant Seoul Korea is the queue. On weekends, dinner opens at 5:30pm but you will see a pretty long queue starting from 5:20pm up until 8:30pm. First, the cause of the long queue could be due to the small space which probably only have about 20 tables. On the other hand, no doubt, the food is good. They have at least 10 different side dishes which are so flavorsome and tr

Oriental Cravings @ One Utama

I always have this mindset that restaurants in shopping malls are normally not as great, but that mindset of mine somehow drifted and changed when I took the guts to try out Oriental Cravings. Obviously, I went in the restaurant with not much expectation but just a restaurant to fill my empty tummy. I decided to try this place and to my surprise, the food is actually quite tasty. I knew I was skeptical about the place because you're paying a whole lot more for a bowl of curry noodles as compared to the ones you get at hawker centre. To my belief, I thought "how great can a bowl of curry noodles/laksa be, when you are paying about RM20 instead of RM6?". But, enough with all the chitty-chats, above all, I had a decent and satisfying meal. Please do note that the curry laksa is non-halal as it consists pieces of roasted pork. To me, it was a decent bowl of laksa, better than most of the "shopping mall" outlets laksa. However, what blew me away was the Fried Yam

Jaipur Curry House @ TTDI

When you ask people around KL/PJ the ultimate question " Where to have good banana leaf rice?", the usual answer would be Nirvana, Devi's, Kanna etc. But when people ask me "where do you have your banana leaf rice?", I would always say Jaipur Curry House, or maybe sometimes Devi's (if crab curry is on my crave list). Not many people know the existence of Jaipur Curry House, unless of course you stay nearby TTDI. It's tucked in the neighborhood of TTDI, where Starbucks TTDI is located at. Just few shops down the same row, and you'll see Jaipur Curry House. I highly recommend to dine during lunch/day time. It's the simplicity of Banana Leaf Rice that captures my attention and my taste buds. I don't need fancy dishes when I have my good ol' Banana Leaf Rice. In Jaipur Curry House, what I love most is their Fish Curry (Kari Ikan), and the freshness of their vegetables being served with your Banana Leaf Rice. Other than that, their fri

Steven's Chicken Chop @ Damansara Uptown

Since young, I have been patronizing the same shop whenever I have the "chicken chop" cravings. It's not in a restaurant, nor in a shop lot, but it's in an open food court situated in Damansara Uptown. I remember those days where a plate of a sinful chicken chop would cost RM6.50 but right now, that same plate of chicken chop costs RM12/RM13. Fred not, it is still a satisfying plate of chicken chop. Besides chicken chop, they do sell grilled chicken, lamb, and beef. All I can say is that if you have not try this out, you MUST. The only down side to it is that : - the environment is filled with mosquito. I wouldn't mind (as the food do come quickly), but to those that mind, perhaps you could pack the food back home. But do bear in mind, if you choose to pack it back home, it may be soggy. Directions to the place :- 1. Head to Damansara Uptown (if you have no idea where that is, popular shops such as Village Park Nasi Lemak, Every Sundae, A Pie Thing, Damansar

Chuai Heng Restaurant @ Kuala Lumpur

Apologies for the lack or rather the sudden disappearance from this blog. Fred not, I am back here with a brand new post. This time, it's a restaurant that has been in the city centre for quite a long time. I remembered having the dim sum here few years back, and it was alright. Thus, having friends down in KL from overseas, whom were craving for Dim Sum.. first thing that came to my mind was Chuai Heng Restaurant. Reason why I chose this place is that the environment is great and peaceful for a great catch-up and chit chat session. :) Chuai Heng is, of course the more "high-class" place for Dim Sum, probably comparable to places like Dai Thong or Overseas Restaurant or Oriental Pavillion. It's tucked in Bukit Bintang, pretty close to Prince Court Hospital.. roughly about a minute or two from Prince Court Hospital. Steamed Peanut  As usual, in places like these, they will always serve a saucer of steamed peanuts. Of course, is to be noted that there is no suc