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Ekkamai @ Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights

When Thai food is not done right, it would taste bland;
When Thai food is done right, your taste would bend.

But thankfully for Ekkamai @ Batai, they did Thai food justice!
My first experience in Ekkamai was at the Publika branch and it wasn't a pleasant dining experience as I felt the food lacks the flavours and one of the soup had a bad smell to it (Tom Kha Salmon Belly, to be exact). At this point, I told myself to not walk into the one in Publika anymore, and give the one at Batai a chance.

Stumbled upon the branch at Batai, and why not?
Did not regret it, food was delightful, ambiance was just perfect for a group dining, or even a romantic couple dining experience. Only down-side is the parking at Batai (a 4 hours catching up with friends, could costs you about RM15 just for the parking).

Enough said, food pics!

Sharing Platter
 The sharing platter is a good combination of several starters. Do note that this would just be enough for 2-3 person. The pandan chicken was done perfectly, and the chicken with fried ginger was good enough to have earned a 3/5 rating from myself. The others were pretty normal.

Salmon Belly Salad
 To be honest, was expecting a Salad but it came like a dish itself. Thought to myself: "Where are all the vegetables?". First bite was not pleasant (maybe because I was not used to such cooking style), but on the second bite onwards, it was filled with flavours (as I realised you have to eat with all the other ingredients inside together in one spoonful). Give this a try! It's part of their "Special" menu item. If not, just show them the picture above, the waiters/waitress would know what you're referring to :) A MUST TRY!

Weeping Tiger
Pad Thai with Prawns
Tom Yum Seafood
The first time I had Weeping Tiger was in Melbourne, in which my Thai friend introduced the dish to me. It was done perfectly in Melbourne (perhaps because of the freshness of the beef). I have tried Weeping Tiger in Rama V in Jalan U-Thant, and it was a total let down as the beef was chewy, rubbery and the sauce was not good at all. Decided to give this a go at Ekkamai. Claimed to serve Australian beef, I must say this dish was great, the sauce was intact with flavours. Though not as great as Melbourne, but it is good enough for my Weeping Tiger cravings in Malaysia.

Pad Thai was no doubt the dish of the day. Hard to find a great Pad Thai in Malaysia which doesn't taste bland or taste like Char Kuey Teow, but Ekkamai, you have earned my trust in Pad Thai! Good on you!

Tom Yum Seafood (Red base) was great as well. Spicy and Flavourful. You may ask for less spicy but I can't guarantee if the taste would be as good :)

Overall Experience in Ekkamai @ Batai has earned a 4/5 rating :) The down-side would be this place is on the pricey side, for a small serving. Serving just nice for group of people who do not have a big appetite, but if you do, you would have to be prepared to pay a hefty amount at the end of your meal!

Opening Hours: Mon-Sunday (11:30am - 1:30am), Sunday until 12:00am. Suggest advance booking if you were to dine on Weekends (can be very busy).

Disclaimer: Food based on personal opinion, you & I may have difference in taste buds. Indulge at your own discretion.


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